Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I Believe

Many times I have sat back and kept my mouth shut when all I really wanted to do is shout my views from the rooftop for all to hear. The time has come...I am so sick and tired of being belittled because my views are not 'politically correct.' I am a strong, opinionated Christian woman and I have things to say. I assume since you have made the choice to open this blog post then you are open to listening to my views. Here's what I believe: I believe Jesus is God's one and only Son. I believe in family and that a woman who answers God's calling to take care of her family is NOT less of a woman. I believe that a man is the leader of the home and that his wife should submit to his authority. I believe that it is a man's job to financially support his wife and children. I believe that a man should be his wife's strongest supporter and that a woman should be her husband's soft place to fall in this world. I believe homosexuality is a sin. I believe that marriage is only between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN and that those who either approves of or participates in otherwise will one day be judged by an Almighty God for that approval and/or participation. I believe there is no such thing as a 'gray area.' I believe drinking alcohol and doing drugs is WRONG-nothing good ever comes of either. I believe women who dress overtly sexy are doing so for attention and not for their own self-esteem. I believe that as women we have the heavy responsibility of being sure that nothing we wear, do, or say has the potential to cause a member of the opposite sex to fall. I believe in second, third, and fourth chances as well as forgiveness. I believe that if a person identifies himself/herself as a Christian their life should reflect that very important and life-changing decision. I believe in heaven and that hell is a real and terrible place and that God doesn't send us there-we send ourselves by choosing the world and ourselves over Him. I believe in satan, the devil, and demons. I believe that demons lie to people because satan's ultimate goal is to keep as many people from a relationship with God as he possibly can. I believe that anyone who says there are many ways to heaven is wrong. I believe that sex before and outside of marriage is a sin and when you know better you should be expected to do better. I believe abortion is murder and should not be brushed off as someone's 'choice.' I believe people who say 'only God can judge me' really know they are doing something against God's will and just don't want to face it at the moment. I believe that EVERYONE makes judgments of people based on current actions & behaviors and anyone who says 'don't judge me' is being very hypocritical. I believe that a person can give up their salvation by choosing not to follow God's rules for His followers. I believe mothers & fathers who choose not speak to their children or be involved in their day-to-day lives for weeks at a time are anything but good parents. I believe that a person must be physically & emotionally present in another person's life to be considered a great friend, parent, sibling, or spouse by that person. I believe that it is a parent's responsibility to be their child's parent and not their 'friend.' I believe that there is a huge and undeniable difference between an occasional sin and living a life of habitual sin. I believe that repentance is admitting you have done wrong in the eyes of God and doing your very best not to do it again. I believe that what we do on this side of the cross matters in a major way.

I believe that I was once guilty of many things in the above paragraph. I believe that it's only by God's grace that I didn't die in my sins and spend eternity in hell. I believe that God has forgiven me and through Him I have the strength to deny myself daily, take up my cross and follow Him. I believe God chose me to be the mother of 4 beautiful, strong daughters and 2 handsome, smart stepsons and to be the wife of an amazing & strong man. I believe that God's grace and mercy is sufficient enough to save you and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.