Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Here's the thing...I am SICK of a certain comment that I hear lots of people make. One that I have made in the past and one that I will be very mindful of in the future! What's the comment? You may want to sit down for this because this isn't going to be a popular view on the subject. Consider yourself warned!!!!




Let me start off by saying that I fully recognize the fact that God made boys and girls, men and women, VERY differently. I get that boys are rough, curious, quiet...they are different than us females and for that I am very thankful. My problem with the above comments is that I feel like they excuse bad or irresponsible behavior in our boys. The very boys that we should be raising to be the leaders of our future families. The very boys who will be leaders of our country. These comments are heard by our boys, as is the tone in which they are said. We should NOT speak down to our boys in a way that seems like we are saying, "Oh, look how pitiful he is. He can't help it that he can't do better. He's just a boy. What do you expect?"
If we overheard anyone speaking down to a little girl in the same manner we would flip out! In this feminist age of 'girls can do anything' we have told our boys that they can't. The result is weak men who end up in jail. Weak men who get women pregnant and then skip town. Weak men who believe that they are stupid, therefore they stop trying to be the strong leader of the family and do stupid things. I also believe that we should stop teaching our girls that it's ok to say things like "Boys are stupid". Seriously...if I heard a boy say such things about girls I would be appalled~it's no different! Why is it socially acceptable to say that about boys and men? There would be lawsuits if that were a popular comment about women, homosexuals, African-Americans...I think you get the picture. The very comment "Boys are dumb. Throw rocks at them" can be found on a number of t-shirts, posters, etc. That would not be an accepted thing to have on a t-shirt or poster about any other group of people! Our society needs to wake up to the fact that these seemingly silly comments are contributing to the downfall of the family unit.

I realize that this is a very politically incorrect view and I couldn't care less.
Honestly, when are people gonna stop trying to please everyone by being 'politically correct'? The only person I want to please is Jesus, to be truthful. And I really don't think He enjoys seeing the men He created in His image being put down at nearly every turn. Men were put in a place of authority by God whether we like it or not. It is what it is.

So, I hope many others will join me in pledging to stop treating the males of our world as if they are dumb as dirt. The next time one of my boys does something irresponsible or wrong I will NOT say, "It's ok, honey. That's how boys are." The bottom line is this: there are rules for everyone to follow in this life and having a penis and a high level of testosterone does not change that fact! People in general will do what is expected of them. It's passed time that we expect of boys what they are capable of...growing up to be strong, moral, smart, responsible, involved, loving fathers & husbands and men of God. That's what this country needs more of.

"...encourage the young men to be self-controlled"
~Titus 2:6

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  1. i absolutely agree with you! it's one of the main reasons that i chose to homeschool my children instead of putting them into public school. most people wouldn't think anything about what you just said but we as followers of Christ should care about the image we are putting in front of our children.
    i don't like it either when i am told by a child "i have a.d.d. so i can't do that." excuse me? everyone else is sitting down listening to the lesson but because this child's parent has told him that he can't help the way he is, he uses it as an excuse.
    we should lift our children up in the Lord and speak blessings and great things over them every day. my dad did and i am very very thankful for the impact he had on my life.
    thank you, renae, for standing up for your beliefs!