Saturday, November 20, 2010

Faux Vinyl

I love all the vinyl wall art all over blogland but I am too cheap to have some made & I am not lucky enough to have a cricut. After seeing lots of examples of wall vinyl I decided to make 'faux vinyl' out of cardstock and high gloss paint. Maybe it's things like this that have me nicknamed the redneck Martha Stewart (I am NOT a redneck, just from a redneck town). Anyway, they have turned out really well and have gotten lots of compliments. Here's how you do it: use a stencil to trace the letters that you need for your words then cut them out, I used black cardstock. Then I tacked each letter down with that tacky gum stuff (I don't know the name of it) onto a scrap piece of cardboard and sprayed painted them with high-gloss burgundy paint~you could use any color. After the letters were dry I used the same tacky gum stuff to attach them to the walls. Easy peasy! Now, go look for cute sayings to make your own!
The picture on the top is in my living room. I though that quote was a cute way to tie in all of the pictures of my husband and I & our blended family. The picture on the bottom is in my bedroom. It is a Bible verse that I thought would be a good reminder for my! ;)

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