Saturday, November 13, 2010


As a mother of 6, I can honestly say that I have lots to remember and also lots to forget. That's where this command center comes in. It stares at me from directly to my right while I stand at the stove and feed the masses! I look at it numerous times during the day so I cannot use the excuse, "I forgot." But I still forget! Moving on...

I will explain each item in the command center from left to right...
BOTTOM LEFT: I made each child a folder with his/her name on it where I put papers after I have signed them, as well as any other papers they may need for school. I made mine out of card stock but you could use actual file folders, which may work better~I was too impatient, and cheap, so I used what I had. They are to check their folder each morning before leaving for school; that way I am not responsible for putting things in their bookbags. Lord knows I have enough to remember!
TOP LEFT: This is where our school district yearly calendar is. I think that's a necessity when you have 6 children in public school!
MIDDLE TOP: Ok, I made a 'dry erase' calendar out of a 10x13 frame. On the under side of the glass I made my calendar grid with a sharpie marker, along with anything that I wanted to remain there. You can use any paper you like as a background. I put white tissue paper directly under the grid so I could still see the printed paper and see my daily appointments at the same time. You can write the month, dates, and daily appointments directly on the glass with a dry erase marker & just wipe it clean each month! It has been a lifesaver!
MIDDLE BOTTOM: I made this file box out of an empty cereal box. I hot-glued the top closed, turned the box on its side and cut the side off to make an opening. After some spray paint it was ready for its purpose. I don't know how things go in your house but in mine the kids always bring me papers to sign while I'm doing 5 other things. In times past I would have taken said paper & put it on the kitchen counter where it would have either gotten wet, thrown away, or forgotten. Now when they give me a paper, either to read or sign, I tell them to put it in the box. At the end of each night I check the box and put each child's paper in their folder. Problem if I could get them to be sure to put a name on the paper so I would know which folder to put it in! One thing at a time, I guess!
***I have added something since this pic was taken. I painted another cereal box and placed it under the 'please sign these' box. It is used for any other important school papers that we may need to keep on hand for future needs.
TOP RIGHT: This is our church's Bible reading schedule. In 2010 we have been reading the New Testament together as a congregation and having this schedule up and visible has helped my husband and I keep on track!
MIDDLE RIGHT: This is where we keep the school breakfast/lunch menu. I check this as much as the kids because I try my best not to make something for dinner that they may have had for lunch.
BOTTOM RIGHT: This is our family home dry erase menu that I again made it out of an 8x10 frame. I normally only post dinners through the week, unless there is a day without school.

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