Monday, November 22, 2010

Tart Warmer Tips!!!!!

I love to burn wax tarts in my home but the really highly scented ones are generally very pricey...I'm too cheap for that. My first idea a couple years ago was to cut one in half, or even in quarters, to get more bang for my buck. Then I discovered fragrance oils and my life changed! LOL! I buy mine from They are inexpensive, average $2-$3 per for a small bottle, and they smell really good! They even have some of the name brand 'type' scents, which works great for me!

So, here is what I do...
~Take the wick out of an unscented tea light candle and place it in the top, yes the top, of the tart burner. You will also need one for the bottom, but you already knew that-right?!?!?! Then add 2-5 drops of your favorite fragrance oil and burn as usual. You can add a drop each time you burn it just to refresh the scent.

If you wanted to gift these you could buy bulk wax or just use the tea light method and then add fragrance oil and pour into molds. To do that, melt the wax in a clean tin can that is in a pot of simmering water; very easy clean up! Easy peasy!


  1. Thanks! And thanks for my FIRST COMMENT EVER!!!! I'm afraid this blog thing is becoming addictive!